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Hi there, thank you for checking on my blog.

What is the mission of the blog?

This blog is about marketing strategies and essentials for beginners and for people who want to know what are the latest trends in the marketing world. As I have been interested and using marketing for years I still consider myself a novice marketeer and will probably always do.

The marketing universe is so big that there is no one person who can know and fallow everything that is happening and everything that is newly introduced. Marketing consultations from professionals are also very expensive and risky as they do not always work out. I have created this blog so people and businesses can find the solution for their marketing strategies or at least find a direction which will ease their brief to the marketing agency they are working with.

My goal is one day to be able to give free marketing consultations to start ups who cannot compete against the marketing budged of their big competitors. Not always the most powerful and wealthiest in the market is the best option for the customer. It is only fair everyone to get an equal start and exposer to potential customers, which will benefit the customers as well as the producers. After all isn’t it that the point of a free market?

Ultimate goal is, this to become a practice for marketing companies. Same as big a lawyer firm does pro-bono for people who cannot afford a good lawyer, why not established marketers do the same for products and services. If the product or service is good and can really affect and help mankind it should get the opportunity of a marketing campaign it really deserves. This will help us get faster to the future we deserve.

Who am I?

I am someone who as many others did not had a fair start in this world but thankfully was raised in a beautiful family, which made me the person I am now and got me to where I am at this moment.

My name is Tsvetan Kanev and I was born in a lovely small town called Gabrovo, located in the geographical centre of Bulgaria. As beautiful as my country is I had to leave it and pursue my dreams elsewhere. That is how I end up in Dublin, Ireland and have been a resident for over six years. I found a great work place in the face of The Brazen Head (the oldest pub in Ireland). As much as I love my job and the experience I get there I knew there was something else in this life for me to go after and that is how I end up in college to study marketing and digital media.

gabrovo-bulgaria(Gbrovo, Bulgaria: picture panoramio.com)

What gives me the right to think that I know marketing so that I can give advice to others?

The first job I was officially hired in was in a supermarket called BILLA. For those of you, who have not heard of BILLA, it is a German chain similar to Tesco. At the age of 18 I was made a supervisor for their non-food department in the store. I was responsible for maintaining and stock of all detergents, cosmetics, dental products kitchen appliances and pet food.

That was the first time I learned about shelf slots, POS displays, sales promotions and a lot more. I was introduced to marketing and merchandising.

A few months later I decided that merchandising is something that I really want to do. The whole science and consumer behaviour psychology behind it was fascinating for me and I needed to know more.

I was hired by a company called MERCH – Hidalgo Group, who had contracts with the likes of Red Bull, Carlsberg and some local producers to look after their merchandising in a key shops and supermarkets. On paper it was what I wanted to do, but because of the size of my city, or maybe the budged the company had, there was not much going on in the shops. There were no sales promotions or any kind of marketing campaigns that I could work on. All I had to do was pretty much making sure there is enough stock on the shelves of the shops.

Then there was the army, where I spend nine months. After my retirement I was a bit lost in what I want to do, so I decided that I will look for that something in the western world.

My first experience outside my country was a two-week project in Germany. I got that opportunity thanks to my older brother and the marketing agency he worked with. I had a great first-hand experience working with merchandising guru Dr Gregory Sand and his company Globalteam Inc. The project was for The Coca-Cola Company in Berlin, Germany and the release of their then new product Apollinaris still and sparkling water.

I was still very young but I got to see how merchandising works as part of a marketing strategy for such a big company in a real big city.

dublin(Dublin, Ireland: Picture ironman.com)

Ireland was next. For my next experience with marketing I had to wait a few years. For political reasons I could not get a job I wanted in Ireland as I needed special permission. The fact that I did not had a degree did not help either. I always wanted to experience what a western college can offer but was not feeling confident enough in my language skills for a long time, which prevented me from getting a degree. Thanks to my brother who believed in 2014 I finally applied and got accepted in a small college (Dublin Business School) in Dublin where I started studying marketing and digital media. The evolution of my marketing skills.

Other resources and certificates:

When finished my first year in college I was still hungry for more knowledge and decided that I won’t stop studying during my summers. That is how I discovered massive open online courses (MOOC). This is a great way to get a hands on courses from alma maters like MIT, Harvard, Berkley and many more. Even Google does courses to help companies with their marketing strategies. Best of all they are free!!!You only have to pay if you want a certificate, but it is still not expensive. But seriously, free education from the likes of MIT?! Thank you, internet!


I now have a blog and exploring all kinds of digital marketing tools, which I believe in a few years time I will master (until the next thing comes out).

It might not be much, but it is a start and as everything in this world, before it becomes something, it needs to start from nothing. I will share this journey with the Internet and I hope that whoever reads this will find something useful that will help them spread their ideas to more people, who are like them so we can change the world for a brighter future together.


Tsvetan Kanev

Tsvetan Kanev


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