Social & Environmental Campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns usually involve a business’ product or service. The Novice Marketeer takes a different approach and is using the popular platforms to promote ethical, environmental and social values.

Numbers are showing that consumers are becoming more aware of a company social position and the impact it has on the environment. A company with a positive impact is more likely to be chosen than one with negative or even ahead of one with a neutral position. 

Promoting these values can not only drive new revenue but more importantly will build trust in the minds of the consumer in the long term. It will also make all stakeholders and shareholders more involved in the company’s mission.

The posts on this page are just some examples of how social media can be used to address social and environmental issues.

Consumers willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products
Consumers actually paying more for eco-friendly products
Ethical Fashion predicted market by 2023 at CAGR of
Global ethical labels predicted market growth
Sustainable products market growth
Global social commerce market size growth by 2023 CAGR of

Illustrating the numbers inside the three arrow triangle recycling symbol

Price in Marketing Mix for the Common Good

Promotion in Marketing Mix for the Common Good

Environmental facts

Tips for reducing food waste

Pillars of Marketing for the Common Good


Information in the distribution channel



The social and green marketing strategy will help your business find how it can best be part of the common good and show it to your existing clients while also creating an image of the company that will help gain new customers. Contact us and we will help you in this noble path of your business.

    Tsvetan Kanev
    Owner at The Novice Marketeer

    I specialize in what I like to call Marketing for the Common Good, based on the movement of Economy for the Common Good.

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