Planning a commonweal marketing strategy

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. PR Smith’s SOSTAC® plan* is one of the most popular and effective planning tools when it comes to marketing. In fact, it is so effective it can be applied to pretty much anything.

The Novice Marketeer Commonweal Marketing strategy is no different and for it to really work it will need a clear plan with a beginning, a middle and an end(ish).

Using PR Smith’s SOSTAC® layout I will show how a Commonweal Marketing strategy can be planned for a social enterprise. The beauty about it is that a business does not even need to be a social enterprise to have a commonweal marketing plan.

This plan can run alongside the main or regular marketing plan of the company. All the business will need to have is the will to make a positive impact with the work it is doing. The Commonweal Marketing plan will emphasize the good deed and spread it across media channels attracting new customers and building a stronger relationship with existing clients.

What is PR Smith’s SOSTAC® framework?

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® is a framework developed by Paul Smith (1999), which summarises the different stages that should be involved in marketing strategy, from strategy development to implementation. The abbreviation stands for:

What is SOSTAC
  • Situation analysis – Where are we now?
  • Objectives – Where do we want to be?
  • Strategy – How to get there?
  • Tactics – How exactly do we get there?
  • Action – What is our plan?
  • Control – Did we get there?

The six elements of PR Smith’s SOSTAC® approach will then be intertwined with the common good values set in Christian Felber’s’ Economy for the Common Good:

  • Human Dignity
  • Solidarity and Social Justice
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Transparency and Co-Determination

If an organisation holds one, some or all of the common good values and it is their mission to continue on improving on them a definitive Commonweal Marketing plan should go as a supplement to their main marketing strategy. For social enterprises, this type of marketing plan could even be the leading one not the supplemental.

The important thing is to set clear objectives and strategies showing how commonweal marketing plan should contribute to the sales, the overall marketing, mission statement and of course the cause the business has pledged to.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be looking into each of the SOSTAC® elements and how the approach can be used to create a commonweal marketing strategy. Follow @novicemarketeer in the social sea, subscribe to our newsletter and don’t miss out.

*SOSTAC® is a registered trademark of PR Smith. For more information on SOSTAC® Planning &
becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Planner visit

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