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A digital marketing plan is an essential tool for your business. Developing a digital marketing plan will help you identify what makes your business unique and how to get your message out to your audiences through a variety of digital channels. An in-depth and detailed approach to laying out your digital marketing strategy can reveal new opportunities and expand your reach. Focusing on a specific audience and identifying that audience’s needs, interests and pain points will help deliver a more effective plan in achieving your marketing objectives.

We develop our digital marketing plan using the SOSTAC® marketing plan model. SOSTAC® is a world-renowned marketing planning model by PR Smith used to create and execute marketing strategies by marketers all around the world. Noble Marketeers is a certified Associate Member

SOSTAC stands for:

Situation analysis – ‘where are we now?’

Planning activities involved at this stage include performing a digital-specific SWOT analysis and reviewing the different aspects of the micro-environment including customers, competitors and intermediaries. Situation analysis also involves a review of the macro-environment.

Objectives – ‘where do we want to be?’

This can include a vision for digital channels, and also specific numerical objectives for the digital channels such as projections of sales volumes and cost savings.

Strategy – ‘how do we get there?’

Strategy summarises how to achieve the objectives for the different decision points, including segmentation, targeting, proposition development (including the elements of the marketing mix and CRM).

Tactics – defining the usage of tactical digital and traditional communications tools?

This includes specific details of the marketing mix, CRM, experience and digital communications.

Actions – action plans, change management and project management skills?

We refer to some of the issues of modifications to organisational roles and structures.

Control – the use of management information

Including web analytics to assess whether strategic and tactical objectives are achieved and how improvements can be made to enhance results further.


SOSTAC by The Novice Marketeer

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