Why You Should Invest In Social Media Advertising If You Are A Novice Marketer (Part 2)

Continuation from Part 1

So why should I invest if I am a novice marketer?

You should invest, because this is the most effective way to get out of your social network circles and connect with the networks of people and businesses that would be interested in your posts. Social networks are helping marketers by allowing them to accurately target their desired audience.

Let say for example that you are a photographer who just got your diploma from college. You are also a dog person and love pets in general. Because of these two passions of yours, you decide to open a photo studio for pets. You want to make portraits of pets and their owners. You create a website with a portfolio of your work where you will try to get some customers.

Some of your friends and family support you and some think that this is a stupid idea and nobody will pay for such service, or at least not enough to make a living from. Thankfully the world is not limited to just your friends and family.

To explore the rest of the world and popularise your web page to it, one way to do it is to go to Facebook (or any other social network of your choice) and search for the right groups, hashtags and whatnot to find the right people. Suddenly you discover that there is actually a demand for such service. The only thing left to do now is to get these people to click on your web page or at least on your social media pages.

This is where the payed ads come in handy. To make sure you get to as many people, and more importantly, people who will engage, you will need to spend some money. Facebook will allow you to choose your daily budget and it can be as little or as much as you want.

I started with €5 for one day for one of my articles in thenovicemarketeer.com. Because my Facebook page is not popular and had only a dozen “likes” the ad would reach only 1.7k people. The more popular the page is, the more people Facebook will get the ad to.

These 1.7k people though, will not be just any people, but the right people. For that article I reached the promised 1.7k and 60% liked my post. This shows why these ads are so important for every novice marketer.

The option that allows you to choose your audience is something you will not be able to do on your own, or at least not for such a short time. These ads allow you and your content to reach the people who share the exact same interests as your content, product or service is about. Publishing a Facebook or a Twitter add skyrockets the chances of people clicking on them. With mass media this principle goes the other way around. Mass media advertisement will reach much more people, but most of these people will not engage as the product won’t be for them. This type of advertisement will also cost much more than €5.


What is the result?

To answer that question more accurately I will need more time and understanding of how Facebook Ads’ algorithms are working. I started using Facebook ads 40 days ago and the engagement with the novicemarketeer.com webpage is not consistent. I do get a lot of likes for the posts I am promoting, and also a lot of clicks on the link to the article for which Facebook is charging me.

The problem I have, and a lot of other users have, is the difference of data between Facebook and Google analytics platforms. This is a huge problem because the data is mismatched by 50%.

What does this mismatch mean?

Here is an example:

I am promoting an article from thenovicemarketeer.com with a budget of €3 to reach 1000 people.

At the end of the day, the Facebook analytics tool, reports that the promised 1000 people were reached and have seen the ad.

Of these 1000, 150 had liked the post and 300 have clicked on the article, which leads them to the thenovicemarketeer.com webpage.

So far this sounds great. I have reached so many people from my targeted audience for just €5 which are driving traffic to the website. That is what the Facebook Analytics tool is showing anyway.

What I have learned from my experience so far, is that online analytics tools have to be treated as a doctors’ opinions – always get at least a second if not a third opinion. That is why you will need Google or Bing or any other trustworthy analytical tool available to compare the data from your website.

google-analytics(Google Analytics is a must have tool for every marketeer)

When I compared my data for the same day and article on Google Analytics, I found out completely different results. The data showed that the visitors for the same period of time were less than a hundred. That is over 75% mismatch from the Facebook Analytics tool.

The explanation for this mismatch from Facebook is very complicated and involves Java Scripts, Cookies, time zone differences and other factors that are affecting the data from the different analytical tools. Click here if you want to read the full description on the subject from Facebook.

What is the conclusion?


The conclusion is to invest if you are a beginner and need to get more traffic for your business or project. Even though the data is different from the different tools I am still getting my message to much more people than if I were to leave it on just organic results. Do not over spend and spread your budget throughout the month. Be realistic and clever on how you will spend this budget. Do not set unreasonable goals and give yourself some time. Forget about the overnight viral success and concentrate more on what is really important – quality content.


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