Why Going Digital Is Important And Some Basics Every Business Owner Should Know (Infographic)

"What is digital?" - Donald Trump, president of The United States of America

“What is digital?” – Donald Trump, president of The United States of America

Digital marketing is repositioning all businesses from restaurants and retail to housing and car sales industries. Pre-purchase research is made online and it is important for all businesses to realize that today, and have a quality digital presence to stay ahead, or at least levelled with the competition. All it takes is some investment in time and understanding the terminology in order to know exactly what does your business needs for the right digital transition.

Contrary to my beliefs, not everyone knows how important are the internet and the digitalization for every business. The reasons for its importance are countless and they all involve the users/customers. I am not talking just about e-commerce and online shopping, but more importantly how the consumer decision-making process has evolved. In research conducted by Forbes in 2016 in which 250 retailers were surveyed, became clear that most of the consumers today are researching products online before they make a purchase.

This is a trend that will keep rising and for a lot of SME’s the fast pace of the development of technologies could be overwhelming. Not everyone will have the time and resources to keep up with every new trend or tech that comes out. Naturally, to stay competitive on the market businesses will start looking to outsource with an agency or hire an IT or digital marketing specialists. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who might take advantage of the business owners who do not understand the digital world and overcharge them.

One of the reasons for the creation of this website was to help those who do not fully understand and are afraid of the digital, so they can feel more comfortable when talking to their digital marketer or tech guy and also avoid being overcharged. I am investing a serious amount of time and money trying to learn everything I can about the digital side of marketing and still consider myself just a Padawan, but I can assure you, it is not as difficult as it might sound.

This is not the first industry that is overcharging people, just because they have no knowledge on the subject. Think of going to a garage to service your car. There are plenty of stories of people who have been overcharged for repairs and parts that they did not even need.

Another example is from Michael Lewis’ book “The Big Short” (and the motion picture)(affiliate links), where even professional stock traders were tricked into buying bonds just because they did not fully understand what terms like MBS, CDO, Synthetic CDO, etc. mean. We can see the same story here when a digital agency goes to a local butcher shop and start telling them they going to build them a responsive website with good SEO, low bounce rate and provide them with Google Analytics reports on their PPC.

I made a small infographic for this article with some basic terminology with which I hope will help and avoid some confusion around the digital marketing and more businesses will feel confident in their digital transformation. The more people know about the digitalization, the less they will be afraid of it and the quicker we will progress, so hopefully more digital marketers will provide free information to help businesses progress in the digital world.

Digital marketing terms every business owner should know
Digital marketing terms every business owner should know

Hopefully, the infographic provided here will be helpful to every new to digital marketing. I will also continue providing helpful information on this blog so please keep coming back to this blog and comment what it is that you want to see here and I will do my best to provide. There are also plenty of free online courses to help you with a better understanding of what digital marketing is and how it works. The best one for me that I recommend is coming from Google and it is called The Digital Garage, which I also mentioned in a previous post which you can read about by clicking here.

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