How Not to Junk Mail Your Customers

"One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention. " - Jim Rohn

“One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention. ” – Jim Rohn

Every online shopper, when happy with the service provider, often signs up for newsletters and special deals and offers. At some point though, after a dozen of sign-ups from different websites, the customer’s inbox gets cluttered and from newsletters, most of these emails are turning into junk mail. This happens for several reasons. One is that the consumer has lost interest for some of the online shops or blogs or whatever that is they have given their precious emails. Another one is that often because the emails are not what the customer thought they would be. The newsletters and offers are often not personalised for the user’s specific needs, so the customers are receiving the information they do not care about.

When you see all the emails you do not care for
When you see all the emails you do not care for

For example, if a customer signs up to get offers from an online shop from which they bought some gear for running. Items like runners, socks and t-shirts. The problem is that the site will not remember the user as an individual who likes running. They will be registered alongside rugby, football and tennis enthusiast. They will be getting offers for all kinds of sports equipment when a discount becomes available. This is where the problem lies and customers will opt-out and unsubscribe.

After getting several emails on products, that they have no interest in, the consumers will start considering these emails as junk mail. They do not care about a cheap tennis racket, no matter the price, it is just something they do not need, therefore they do not need your email subscription anymore. This will lead to losing on the opportunity to receive an email with discounts for the products the customer looks for and which they are interested in.

This is how clients are lost, by sending them all the offers they do not care for and treating them all as the same people with the same interests. By the time the right offer for them comes, they have probably unsubscribed already. Consumers simply do not like and want unpersonalized offers.

individuals matter
customers might look the same, but they are in fact unique

There are some companies that have found a very simple solution to this problem. One of these companies is Indigo Herbs. This isn’t an advertising article and I do not get paid for writing this, but this is one of my favourite places to shop. One of the reasons, of course, is the quality products they offer, but more importantly, and for the sake of this blog, their way of email marketing is of the same quality as their products.

Here is how they made sure I will not opt-out from their email list.

So, as I previously mentioned the biggest problem with email marketing is the generalisation. Everyone gets emails for everything the company has to offer. Not with Indigo Herbs. When you sign up on their website, there is an option under “My Account”, where you can specify what your products of interest are.  There is a short message that invites you to update your account and part of it goes like this:

“receive all the best good news you are interested in (and nothing else)”

And nothing else!!! These three words alone made me their biggest fan.

This is how it works. When you click on the “update your account now” button, you see a list of the areas in which their products are. For example, “Longevity”, “Brain boosting foods & herbs”, “Sports performance” and so on. Next to them, there is a simple “yes” and “no” options. You click “yes” for the ones you are interested in and “no” for the ones you do not care about.

Indigo Herbs Email Marketing Done Right
Indigo Herbs Email Marketing Done Right

That’s it, you are now free from junk mail. Something as simple as a “yes” and “no” options, have made Indigo Herbs one of the best online shopping experiences I have had in a long time. They have made sure I will not unsubscribe from their emails. They look at their customers as individuals with specific needs which is key for long-term success. Quality products + quality service = loyal customers!

Anyone who offers an email subscription should take an example from Indigo Herbs and make sure their subscribers receive the information they specifically are interested in AND NOTHING ELSE. Love your customers and respect their inbox and they will respect you back.

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