Digital Now More Important for Business Than Ever

Today more than ever we see the need for business to make that move and step-up its digital marketing game. Even if a business is a brick and mortar only, there is still a need for it to gain some online presence. The worldwide lockdown has accelerated what I believe was going to happen anyway in the near future and that is the surge in internet usage.

In Ireland, Central Statistics Office data shows that “the changes have impacted in the way people are doing their shopping and what they are buying. Clothes and sports goods which were usually the most popular online purchase, have decreased in March while the purchase of food or drink from shops or meal-kit providers has more than doubled from 6% in January to 13% of internet users in March. Similarly, the online purchase of cleaning products or personal hygiene products (includes toothbrushes, washing detergents, etc.) doubled in March to 10% of internet users (compared with 5% in January).”

Globally during the lockdown months, the “total internet hits have surged by between 50% and 70%, according to preliminary statistics” and I believe this is only the beginning. Unless the “well-educated” societies of flat earthers and alike prevent the world from 5G networks these numbers will more likely go up, lockdown or not.

internet usage surge during lockdown

Imagine the “new normal” civilization with 20GB per second internet in their pockets. That is 20 times faster than the current 4G LTE most networks are using today. All this leads to the conclusion that people will be going online more and more often, even if you now think that this can’t get worse than what it already is.

What does this mean for business then? It means that not only it will need an online presence, it will need it to be standing out of the crowd, because the crowd is going to get bigger and louder. Better start planning from now and develop a strategy to make sure your business does not stay behind in the dark ages, because they are coming fast – 20GB per second fast.

If you are a business owner and you are afraid of all digital or simply do not have the time for it, get in touch with The Novice Marketeer and we can make you a digital marketing plan without taking the skin off you. Also, we will make it simple enough for anyone in your company to understand.

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Gostei muito do conteúdo de vocês, parabéns a equipe por trás desse belo material.
Muito bom esse artigo com toda essa sua experiência na Área Obrigado !
Ótimo conteúdo vou compartilhar com outras pessoas

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