Is AI Really Threatening The Future Of Content Marketing

You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.” ~ Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Content marketing strategies have been growing rapidly for some time now and it is becoming an important part of the marketing plans for a lot of companies. It is a tool that keeps customers engaged and informed. Content marketing is also relatively cheap, but very effective at the same time. All of these benefits are guaranteeing the growth and development of content marketing.

In an article in Forbes from the end of last year, Jayson DeMers makes a few predictions on what would the trends in content marketing for 2016 will be. If content marketing is important to you I highly recommend on following him and what he writes about in Forbes. For this particular article one thing I could not agree with him (or I really hope he is wrong about it), was where he pointed out that:

“Algorithms will threaten freelancers everywhere. “

Yes, it is as scary as it sounds! Some articles around the Web are entirely written by algorithms or artificial intelligence of sort. The first time I heard about such AI, I immediately pictured Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in a cubicle, typing on a keyboard, writing about the weather forecast. Thankfully we are not at that stage (yet) and the T-800 model 101 is still just a fictional character.


(Picture source:

The matter of fact though is that there are intellectual jobs such as writing about the weather forecast or simple sports articles that are created by journalistic algorithms. Some might be afraid that this could escalate and become more complicated and even affect the content marketing writers. This fear led me to the thought that if a company has its content marketing created by some soulless robots, this is definitely a company that I would not like to do business with or want their products.

The reason here is not because:

“Oh, they are replacing people with machines and leaving them without a job!”

No! I am for progress and I hope AI will become part of our lives. This means that we are evolving and I am all in for it. My reasons for not agreeing with robotic algorithms creating content marketing has nothing to do with: “They took our jobs” sort of statements. AI would do a better job in some cases, which means that we, the humans, can concentrate and improve in other areas. One of the things, that AI would never be able to compete with a real human is passion!

Content marketing should never be just about numbers or play as an info board. Content marketing should show your existing and potential customers the passion that the company has for its products or services. People can see through that passion and relate to it. When a bridge or a connection between the writer and the reader is created, it makes it easier for the reader to want to become part of whatever the organisation is offering.

Imagine a tech company. Let us say for example that there is a new company that is releasing new extreme action type Ultra HD camera for half the price of a GoPro. Before they start selling it to the public, a content marketing strategy about the product is published on their Web site and social media channels. What I imagine a robot would write about goes something like this:

“From next week our new camera “Camera Name” will be available to be purchased from selected outlets around the globe.

Here are some of the advantages to our competitors and why you should choose our product.

The battery life is better than anything else in the market.

Our camera app is more advanced with more functions than any other similar app today.

Extremely competitive price.

Another bullet point.

Another bullet point.

And another bullet point.”

I get it. For some people, it might work. It is simplified and it does show all the important information that you need. The information is chopped, chewed and prepared for us to consummate. But where is the human factor here?! Where is the passion!? The passion behind all that hard work from the company’s employees that have been working for months to make their product better for their customers.

Why is GoPro the most popular camera in its market niche? It is definitely not the price. Quality? Maybe, but there are much more options with the same if the not better quality on the market. What is it then?

It is their marketing strategy that makes them the leaders! The connection they made with their targeted customers. The videos on YouTube of surfers, snowboarders, climbers, jumpers and all sorts of extremists that are making it so desirable. A connection is built between the customers and the company, which leads to the popularity of GoPro.


This is what content marketing should be about. Not just to inform, but to persuade as well. Content marketing is like telling a story. A model T-800 will never be able to persuade or tell a good story. It has trouble smiling or making a joke, never mind persuading customers by telling an engaging story.

Humans are social creatures. We have always had and always will have that need to connect with other people. Doing so by writing, reading, creating videos or podcasts is part of this process and people can see if a company is passionate about what they produce through its content marketing. I cannot see how an AI would ever be able to accomplish such a thing. If you are a company and you use content marketing as part of your marketing tools, please leave humans to do that job. Humans who love what the company is doing so they can show that love to your customers.

Hasta la vista, baby!

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