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The Noble Marketeers was created back in 2016 as a personal blog while I was getting my degree in Marketing and Digital Media from Dublin Business School in Ireland. Since then the blog has become a popular source of knowledge for students and professionals from all over the world.

Marketing has always been a passion of mine and I was eager not only to share but also to start applying the knowledge I have gained throughout the years. I now run my own e-commerce website and do freelancing work using the Noble Marketeers as a platform.


The first time I became interested in marketing was when I was a teenager reading books on human behaviour. One day, almost by accident, I read a book by Al Ries: “Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It” which for me connected the human psychology with the business world. I was hooked.

Later I was lucky enough to start my career as a merchandiser and even had the honour to work with a world-renowned figure in the field Dr Gregory Sand, who has published numerous books about merchandising and the philosophy behind it and was the CEO of Globalteam Inc., USA. During this part of my life, I got hands-on working with brands such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Red Bull, L’Oréal, etc.

Later in my life, I moved from Bulgaria to live in Dublin, Ireland and continued developing my marketing skills, this time by enrolling in Dublin Business School and getting my BA(Hons) degree in marketing and digital media. I became obsessed with learning all the new ways of how marketing is developing in the digital world. I couldn’t stop wanting to learn more and have completed several online courses as well. One of my most valuable certifications was becoming a SOSTAC® )(digital planning model) associate.

Eventually, I had to start applying everything I have learned in marketing, web and e-commerce developing. Using two of the world’s most popular platforms WordPress and Shopify I am now running my own businesses on both of these platforms.


The Noble Marketeers like The Three Musketeers was created to following the motto

“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”

I decided to specialize in what I like to call Marketing for the Common Good, based on the movement of Economy for the Common Good.

The world is shifting in the right direction of sustainability, diversity, human dignity, solidarity & social justice, and transparency & co-determination. The consumer behaviour is too and so should any business.

Unfortunately, marketers are probably the last people to be considered having any of the foregoing values as they are usually driven by generating bigger profit. I am determined to prove that wrong and show that marketers and business can benefit by taking part in the common good movement.

The Marketing for the Common Good strategy will help the business find how it can best be part of the common good and show it to existing clients while also creating an image of the company that will help gain new customers. Having a Marketing for the Common Good strategy will not only help your business and its relationship with partners, shareholders, and stakeholders. Most importantly it will help the business make a real difference to the world. A difference that matters!

credentials, certificates and awards

SOSTAC® Associate The Novice Marketeer award

Last but not least, on the contrary, my most valued achievement awarded to me by my two beloved nephews.

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