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SWOT Analysis for a Social and Green Marketing Strategy

What is SWOT analysis and why it should be one of the first things a social marketer should do? SWOT…

Situation Analysis in Social Enterprise Marketing Plan

“The aim of situation analysis is to understand the current and future environment in which the company operates in order…

Planning a commonweal marketing strategy

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. PR Smith’s SOSTAC® plan* is one of the…

Promotion: Marketing Mix for the Common Good

Promotion is the last of the original 4P’s in the traditional marketing mix first developed by Philip Kotler. Promotion is…

Price: Marketing Mix for the Common Good

The consumer weighs the price against the perceived value of using the product.  If the price exceeds the sum of…

Functions of Distribution Channel & The Common Good

Placement or distribution channel decisions are among the most complex and challenging decisions facing a firm.  Each channel system creates…

Common Good Branding

Brands are used to create awareness, build preference, and ultimately, to command loyalty among consumers.  Companies with strong brands often…

Product: Marketing Mix for the Common Good

A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption and that might…

Marketing for the Common Good Mix Matrix

If common good standards are implemented in marketing activities as defined in the 7PP’s of the marketing for the common…

Using the Power of Influencing for the Common Good: Part II

Marketers to Marketeers It is no secret that the perception of marketing and marketers is not something that would be…

Using the Power of Influencing for the Common Good: Part I

Are Marketers, The Educators of the 21st Century? Willingly or unwillingly and like it or not, marketers are the modern-day…

The Common Good Marketing Mix

The P’s of the marketing mix is the ABC of marketing studies. They started as only four and are now…

Introducing Marketing for the Common Good

What is Economy for The Common Good and where does it come from? You might have read or heard about…

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Podcast: The New Hand of the King
podcast: the new hand of the king
The death of cookies (but not exactly)
The death of cookies by the Novice Marketeer Full stack marketer Dublin Ireland
Digital Now More Important for Business Than Ever
Digital Now More Important for Business Than Ever cover Ireland
GDPR Is Good For You (And You)
GDPR is good
Intravenous Permission
Decision making
A lesson from EA on how not to treat your customers
Lesson from EA on how not to treat your customers
Right or Wrong Marketing Strategy from Headspace?
email and rewards marketing strategy
Reciprocity Rule In Digital?
Reciprocity rule
A Quick Rant On Big Companies’ Customer Service And Support
customer service

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